As a designer Karen Lee is interested in the narrative formed by the activity of sculpting a collection through the manipulation of fabric by draping, layering, and pinning. She is conscious of creating fashion with integrity. With a focus on slow fashion and connecting with social and environmental responsibility, she creates beautiful, well cut, well made garments which are long lasting and transcend seasons.

Using curves and angles the garments become sculptural, artistic forms celebrating the female shape. Designing garments with sophisticated silhouettes and simple lines is her aim. Karen wants the wearer to be comfortable and confident in expressing her own developed style and making the garment her own.

Inspiration comes from the observation of our surroundings and objects: the landscape, a building, a sculpture, a painting.

In keeping with the philosophy of slow, sustainable fashion Karen designs with minimal waste and often purchases dead stock. This means the fabric is left over or over-ordered by other designers or manufacturers. Purchasing dead stock allows her to reuse and divert these materials from landfill.