Garments or Outfits

Recently I was having a conversation with someone interested in fashion and FASHFEST came up. I was asked if I was participating this year and, if so, how many garments I would be showcasing on the catwalk. 

My initial answer was 12 since that is the number of models I have asked for.  Then I had a rethink and changed by answer to ‘Actually I’m not sure’.  

Here’s why I changed my answer. 

A model wears an outfit not a garment, and an outfit can consist of more than one garment.

So answering the question, 'how many garments there will be', is hard to answer. As a designer, the answer is in the design process and the look I’m aiming for.

A model wears an outfit which can be one garment or as many five garments. When you think about it, one outfit can include leggings, a skirt, top, vest, jacket and scarf (which is six garments). Now add in accessories—shoes, a hat, gloves, bag, jewellery. It’s no wonder designers stress!

It is scary when I start doing the math. Twelve models x five garments to create one outfit? Well, that’s a potential 60 garments for one event!

Aside from getting the garments designed and made, an added layer of complexity is the logistics of getting the 60 garments to dress rehearsals (usually there are two). You can’t leave the garments at the venue so at the end of rehearsals back to the studio they go. Then they get hauled back for the event itself, but the work doesn’t stop there.

On arrival at the event each garment needs steaming and pressing for a professional finish. Only then is it time to dress the models in their outfits.

So who does the hauling, the steaming, the pressing and the dressing? Well in this designer’s world, it’s me!  So am I going to have 60 garments at FASHFEST? No I’m not. Will I have great outfits at FASHFEST? Yes I will.