Thoughts of a designer

As I work on my collection (which is due in a couple of weeks) I have suddenly got the equivalent of writer's block. For three days nothing has worked. Each toile has failed. It is so frustrating. Time ticking is adding to the pressure. The ideas in my head are not translating and morphing into what I envisioned.  With each failure I start to question why am I doing this? Is it worth the stress? In the recesses, of what is left of my sanity, I think I know it will be worth it .

Working alone I wonder how to get out of what feels like a never ending, spiralling cycle? Should I get out of the studio and loose time. But I loose time because my ideas are not working. 

What am I trying to do? …trying to create?

I realise this is part of the design process. Each failure is not a failure it is part of the journey and is essential in the process of creating.